2017 Travel Goals

We’ve reached that time when everyone reflects on the year past and starts making resolutions and setting goals for the new year. Daydreaming about travel is what I’m best at, and I’ve had so much fun thinking about potential trips for 2017. I wanted to write a post sharing what I think could happen travel-wise, so I can see how much comes true when the year is up. I’d love to do a #tripamonth …Here we go!

January: NYC for NYE (already booked and official), some sort of weekend trip close to San Diego (I’m thinking maybe Catalina Island or Big Bear or San Francisco)

February: Potentially London-only have 5 days to work with but I’ve been dying to get back there since I lived there briefly in 2014. Mexico and Puerto Rico are looking good as well.

March: The end of the month goes into our anniversary weekend so we will try to take a 4 day trip somewhere (Vancouver, Mexico, Seattle, Arizona, and Utah are all on the radar)

April: Indianapolis and West Lafayette

May: Iceland

June: Chicago



September: Alexandria, Virginia and Washington D.C.

October: Yosemite


December: Miami

I’d love to hear what your travel plans are for 2017! And any recommendations you may have for me 🙂


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