NYC Dreaming: Sweetbitter Book Review

I really liked this book, Stephanie Danler’s debut novel, about a girl who heads to New York City to alter the boring narrative of her life thus far. NYC represents that for so many, a place to escape, write a new story, grow, and become whoever you want to be for the time being. It paints a dreamy picture of what it might be like to pack your bags and move to New York with no plans, taking whatever the city gives you, accepting it all. Tess is young and wants to feel something no matter the stakes, no matter if it’s right, no matter if it lasts. The novel perfectly captures what it feels like feel: to desire someone who desires you back, just not enough to choose you when more is on the line.  This is a book for the senses-I cared about the flavors and feelings on the page all the way to the end.



I love books like this that give me such a good sense of a place, feeding my wanderlust without being a “travel book.” Another such novel was The Lullaby of Polish Girls. See my review here.

I’m curious: What feelings does New York City evoke in you?

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One thought on “NYC Dreaming: Sweetbitter Book Review”

  1. New York really is a place to escape to! It will give you exactly what you’re looking for whether you realized it or not! For me, NYC has always been an indulgent city! Eating, drinking, and exploring my way through all the different neighborhoods. Makes me want to go back right now!


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