Highlights of Austin, TX

I highly recommend spending a few days in Austin; it’s such a cool city that values its nature as well. We arrived and went straight to get brisket, an Austin BBQ staple that does not disappoint (but may clog arteries). We ate at Terry Black’s and Southside (in Elgin)–both were delicious. You can’t go to Austin without eating brisket at least a couple times. Craft breweries are also very popular in Austin, and I loved the beers I had; however, my west coast IPA-loving husband did not prefer them to the breweries in San Diego. Saturday was spent tubing down the San Marcos river, drinks in hand, which was probably my favorite part of the trip. I didn’t get any photos because I don’t have a waterproof camera, but it was beautiful, relaxing, and fun! We partied on East 6th, Dirty 6th, South Congress, and Rainey Street. Austin has so much to offer in terms of night life and live music. We barely scratched the surface in 3 nights. East 6th is more of a local scene with tons of live music options and unique bars (probably my favorite area). Dirty 6th was the main strip downtown but packed with college kids and overrated in my opinion (and dirty as the name would suggest). I wish we had more time to explore South Congress than we did, but it was very cute and had a lot of brunch options. Rainey Street was also a highlight, full of old houses turned into bars. Some other activities I enjoyed: swimming in cold, natural spring water in Barton Springs Pool and exploring the graffiti at Hope Outdoor Gallery. Austin has a lot of street art, which was fun to randomly discover while walking around. If you like college football and are looking for a place to watch the Longhorns game, head to Caine and Abel’s and then walk a couple blocks to University Co-op to buy apparel. Don’t forget that Austin does not contract with Uber or Lyft, so download Fare, Fasten, or Get Me to find a ride. Your time in Austin will not disappoint!

Watch my Austin vlog here to see some of the above 🙂

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