The Rocks by Peter Nichols: Book Review

I totally object to buying e-books and reading on a screen. I love having the physical copy in my hands, turning its pages, and seeing my progress. But books aren’t cheap, and you may wonder how I can afford to buy so many of them. Answer: I use and buy used! Rarely do I buy a newly released book for full price. That being said, it was different with The Rocks. When I read the synopsis, I knew I had to have it right away and couldn’t wait to buy it used a year or two from now. So did buying full price pay off?

This book was a hit for me. It’s set in a dreamy, exotic location (as if I didn’t want to go to Mallorca enough already this book further confirmed that desire). It’s packed with drama, and a lot of messed up stuff happens (which makes me enjoy a book that much more). It’s also very interesting because it starts at the end and works its way back, so the whole time you’re reading it you feel like you already know the ending…but boy is there a lot to discover. So yes, buying full price paid off!



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