The Lullaby of Polish Girls


I’m always yearning for places I’ve never been. There’s something about being on the move that moves me. Something about discovering new places and new parts of yourself that you never knew existed until you went on an adventure and they were revealed. But there’s also something just as strong about roots and where you’re from. And that makes me yearn for Poland more than I’ve ever yearned for a place before. Because going there would take me back to the very beginning, back to my roots, and help fill in a piece of the puzzle that is Allison. This is something I feel like many Americans can relate to, since most of our ancestors immigrated here from far away places in search of a better life. What would it be like if they hadn’t? What would life be like if we were born in another country and grew up somewhere else?

Having never been to Poland, this novel offered me a way there. That was one of my favorite things about The Lullaby of Polish Girls–being able to connect to Poland and therefore explore a part of myself through the words of Dagmara Dominczyk. It gave me a little glimpse of what my life may have been like if I had been born there instead of here. I also love discussing relationships, and reading about the characters and their connections with each other was just as satisfying as gossiping with an old friend about boys. The three girls come to life so well it’s like you know them and can completely understand how they tick. I really enjoyed reading about their friendship that spanned across years and all the drama and emotion that went along with it. It left me reflecting on friendships, the different forms they can take, and the pull people can have on you. It also reignited my desire to visit Poland, and for me, that made this novel a win.


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